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Hello. My name is Harriet and I live at home. During my spare time I like to make music. It is my biggest passion in the world, except for maybe sport because I like playing tennis also.

I have a big variety of interests, ranging from music to Schoenberg.

So far I have one song here. It is Adagio. It is very sad - it makes me cry when I listen to it. I hope that both people and Conservative Republicans alike enjoy this.

I like reviews cause they tell me how good I am. Please be good and make some. If you review badly I don't like it, and you make me cry twice because I already cry at my own piece. It will be second time I cried twice since Andre Rieu announced his tour of my country.

I like all music but not Shostakovich. Once when a piece of Shostakovich was on the radio I changed the station.

I play violin at my school. I know there are both musicians and drummers who play in our group. Once the teacher threw his stick at a drummer because he wasn't in time, and also at a viola player for turning up to rehearsal.

If you don't like my music, it's probably because YOU'RE SO FAT.