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I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I started taking Suzuki violin lessons when I was 3 years' old during the mid-1950's. I started piano lessons at age 6. On the way, I picked up flute. After living in Toronto, Canada for 6 years, I moved to Santiago, Chile in 1984. There I Played the violin in Orquesta Filarmonica de Santiago, then became a Suzuki violin teacher and taught in Nido de Aguilas International School for 11 years. I started taking cello lessons when I became 55 years' old. I moved back to Japan in 2012 after having been away from home country for more than 35 yeras. I have been fighting against culture shock. but music has been a big help, because it is truly an international language. Now I am a cellist in a non-professional symphony orchestra as well as in a string ensemble.

Sibelus was indispensable when arranging pieces for ensemble and preparing materials for my teaching. Also, as a hobby, I enjoy arranging instrumental pieces for flute or cello. I have uploaded those on the Score Exchange to share them with you. Hope you would enjoy playing them, too.

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