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Pieces which are available on this website may be freely printed and or/performed where appropriate under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence but public performance and/or broadcast must be logged with the PRS.

The works included here as offered as matter of public record and as a freely accessible archive subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Licence. Most of the works offered here can also be found at the British Music Collection: the link is given below.

I am prepared to set out the orchestral accompaniment for brass-, wind-, or military band any of the concerted or orchestral works with a little notice and a programmed performance. The Trumpet Concerto, for example, would work - I think - particularly well with cornet solo, and the Bassoon Concerto with saxophone or euphonium. I should particularly like to do this for Vestamnviiki!

My old email address (dalwynhenshall@luxmail.com) no longer works but I can be contacted via the link through scoreexchange or directly to dalwynhenshall@gmail.com

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