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I was born in 1978 and it took me about fifteen years to find my way to classical music. The baroque my mother heard wasn't the right start. But as soon I came to de Bussy and Mussorgsky, it was a short step to my first own score. Inspired by de Bussy and written on the Amiga - horrible. By time, I learned from the great masters and made my way through experimental, classical, even baroque-like music and a bit of Jazz. The results will be placed here one by one.

I'm not a music-lover, more kind of an addict. So my influences vary from mediaeval music to Pop, Metal, Gothic and even Gabber - and some groups that are hardly known to the public.

There's an important thing I forgot to tell - I don't know much about composing techniques. I can't even read notes. All I know is what some of the italian phrases mean and a bit of the capacities of instruments. According to this, I can't create and build a score. It's more the way that I … feel … or know how the music wants to be written.

Note: 29. October, 2007 I decided to make all of my posted scores available for free. This means I wouldn't get money for that music as well as music at all should be free. I know most composers have to make a living with their music; I don't. And I can't see any cultural achievements reduced to a product which certain people use to make a buck.