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It was in the 27th year of my life that I started to play the piano. And in the meantime I discovered that composing is even more fun than performing. So I made my first efforts as a composer in november 2003.

I do so without a musical education (did lawschool, and no, that was not boring); so there is still much to learn. You will find that the 'early' works that I have written, are based on hearing rather than technique or theory.

I started off 'easy' with the piano. But more and more I became interested in other instruments and ensembles.

I'm learning more and more. And I do believe that my pieces become better. But the composing takes more time allso. That's why I don't upload so regularly. So be patient… there is more to come!

Hopefully you enjoy (at least some of) my work. Reviews are always welcome.