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First things first, my name is Benjamin Horton.I'm a self-taught violinist, who loves to compose music. I took an introductory class to music theory, and that covers the extent of my knowledge to most of my pieces. I operate off the basis of "if it sounds good, then it is good". I've also participated in the LGSO (Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra), which was a blast! I release my music for free through various platforms, such as my website, Musescore, and the now shutdown Finale-Showcase.

  • Note: I just recently got into Sibelius, so the majority of the scores were imported from MusicXML. The consequence of this is that some scores have really weird formatting. I'll fix this in due time as I get more involved with Sibelius, but in the mean time…if you see something you like and want to download (but it's got that weird formatting), go to that Musescore link at the bottom of my profile, where you can download a pdf (or other formats) in a better format. Sorry!