Iain Mundy

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United Kingdom

Iain is a young Scottish singer, songwriter and composer who is looking to break into the music industry.

With a degree in music, Iain is a qualified musician having studied trumpet at the Royal Northern College of Music, graduating in 2015. With this knowledge Iain is a very versitile writer of music, but his trademark sound is a combination of Pop and Soft Rock with memorable melodic melodies.

He has always had an interest in songwriting, and started gigging in the Summer of 2016. Iain's debut single "Don't Let the Dream Die" was released with Wobbly music in November 2016 and is available on all major platforms.

Iain is always looking for opportunities to perform his material at all sorts of events and venues, but is also interested in song commissions and working with other singers and bands, as well as composing/arranging for all sorts of instruments and ensembles.

If you wish to contact Iain please use the contact form and he will get back to you as soon as he can.