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United States of America

Ian is a contemporary composer living in southeastern Massachusetts. He holds a B.A. in music from Bridgewater State University, where he studied music theory and composition and has written music for piano, organ, choir, chamber ensembles, and orchestra. His choral music comprises both sacred and secular, including madrigals, motets, as well as contemporary-styled choral music. His choral music has been performed by various choirs throughout New England.

Score catalogue

Trio - Concert band / wind band
A Fair Maiden - String quartet
La Danse de l'Amour - Solo instrument (Piano)
Cascades - Solo instrument (Piano)
Mississippi River Rag - Solo instrument (Piano)
Agitato - Solo instrument (Piano)
Waltz in A minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
From the Heart - Solo instrument (Piano)
Rondo in A minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
Fury - Solo instrument (Piano)
Invention in D minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
The Promise - Solo instrument (Piano)
Sonata in C Major - Solo instrument (Piano)
Ghost of John - String orchestra
Crown Him With Many Crowns - Concert band / wind band
Celtic Celebration - Solo Solo Violin + piano