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United Kingdom

This site belonged to my late husband, Ian Cartwright. I have left his statement on this home page, although I have now taken over the site. Please do contact me (Anne) if you have any queries.

Hello, I've been composing for a number years part time but very actively in the last few years. I used to work as a Head of music at a secondary school in Coventry, UK. I had to recently retire due to ill health resulting from an accident.

I started playing in brass bands in the late 1960's and received my music education from W.Brotherhood a well known conductor in the band world at that time.I have conducted and been musical director to several bands/orchestra's and played in many of the Uk's top bands. My main instrument is the euphonium/trombone but I was recently forced to take up the flute due to an accident in which my top lip was severely damaged. My compositional influences are many, to varied to list but Belioz, Brahms, Stravinsky, Orff, Rodrigo.

I now have over 220 scores on my site, including over 115 arrangements and original compositions for brass quintet. To access them easier, go to my Sibelius store, Bear & Ragged Stave Editions where you will find all of my scores catalogued for your convenience. Click on the store link below.

Hope you enjoy my music - please contact me for commissions, special arrangements etc. Ian

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