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I'm a former diesel mechanic specializing in the old Detroit Diesel 6V-71 and 6V-92 engines. I also do minor electrical repairs. Call for a free estimate.

Because I'm continually changing, correcting and improving my compositions and arrangements, new versions frequently appear. If you have purchased my music, drop me a line, and I'll be happy to send you the latest version for free in PDF form.

You can watch most of these scores as music videos at

Score catalogue

Afraid of the Dark - Concert band / wind band
Hallucination Rag - Concert band / wind band
Alchemy Rag - Solo instrument (Piano)
Catamenia Fugue - rag - Piano four hands
Easy Ragtime Pieces - 2. Virago Rag - Solo instrument (Piano)
Crepitation Rag - Concert band / wind band
Neptune’s Waltz - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Persian March - Solo instrument (Piano)
Dysthymia Waltz - Solo Flute + piano
Fugue in D-minus - Piano four hands
Trio, D898, Second Movement - Percussion ensemble
Trio in Bb, D898, Rondo - Percussion ensemble
ADAGIO, D897 - Percussion ensemble
SCHERZO from Trio, Op.8 - Percussion ensemble
Serenade (St�ndchen) - Large mixed ensemble