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Mr. Ivan Nagy
8160 New Liberty Rd.
United States

Originally from Valenovac, CROATIA, Ivan Nagy (b. 1939) and his family emigrated to the United States of America in 1951. His earliest musical training was in Salzburg, AUSTRIA, followed by mentors from Rock Island, Illinois, USA, and Davenport, Iowa, USA. Most of his training in composition has been self-taught. His style is tonal, romantic, melodic and easily appealing. His music often contains strong references to his Croatian heritage. Please note that if the written instrumentation of any composition creates performance problems, permission IS granted to change the instrumentation to suit the performers and performance. Mr. Nagy asks to be informed of such changes and of performances by writing or by emailing him personally. Additional biographical and artistic information can be found in his website: http://www.ancient.org/ivan/ Furthermore, Mr. Nagy still enjoys restoring antique phonographs and specializes in restoring their sound reproducers. He invites questions/comments regarding this wonderful hobby as well as a visit to his web site store containing parts and 78's sound recordings at www.phonographs.org/store .

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