Jack Benda

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United Kingdom

I am 14 years old and have always had a passion for music (im a boy). I have been writing for a long time on other software, but now I have been given a copy of Sibelius, and have been avidly writing. The first piece of publishable music (on any level) was Vagues Sur L’Eau, and I was at that stage still experimenting with the capabilities of the software. I will keep uploading, even if no one downloads! Music has always been my thing, and I an avid pianist and drummer, and harmonica player, and have always written music, songs, and scores. My real talent lies in improvisation.. I love jazz more than anything, and I enjoy the blues a lot too. I struggle to write jazz music on the stave, its very difficult, and besides, I always think improvised, or jazz played by ear is far more entertaining to listen to and perform. Thank you for looking on my page, and enjoy my scores.