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Mr Jason Millican
Calvary Baptist Church
6511 Uvalde Road
United States

Jason was born in 1960 and is a Minister of Music serving at Calvary Baptist Church (Southern Baptist of Texas Convention) in Houston, Texas, USA, since February, 2000.

Jason received a Junior College Diploma at Jacksonville College (go Jaguars!) in Jacksonville, Texas, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts at the University of Texas at Tyler (go Patriots!) and a Master of Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (no known mascot) in Forth Worth, Texas. He studied theory, composition, and arranging under Gerald Orr, Mac Davis, and Michael T. Cox.

Jason began serving as a music minister in Southern Baptist churches in 1983. For seven years he taught music at Jacksonville College (1986-1989 and 1996-2000). He has been married since 1983 and home-schools five children (b. 1985-1999).

Jason enjoys setting scripture to music. He tries to compose appealing melodies which are simple and easy to sing. Many songs on this site were birthed in his personal devotional Bible study.

Let Jason know if you find any of his music usable in your worship. He appreciates all emails.

The Hymn Transposition category is a new feature on Jason's music page. Various public domain hymns are included and it allows worship leaders and accompanists to transpose each hymn into whatever key they desire. This is a free service and a labor of love for fellow worshippers.