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United States

EDUCATION: B.S. in Music Education, Instrumental Studies from Bryan College in Dayton, TN. Certified Piano Tuner/Technician through American School for Piano Tuning.

PROFESSIONAL: School educator for over 10 years. Areas taught include wind band, orchestra, small ensemble, choral groups, general music in schools, survey courses in the fine arts.

PERSONAL: My musical pursuits began in front of an old RCA record player and my grandfather's seemingly endless collection of classical records. My mother being a piano teacher, I went through the usual course of piano instruction in my youth. I sang solos and duets with my sister in church, great memories, those. I took to the guitar very seriously when I was 14 and played everything I could get my hands on. When I realized that my progress was stagnating with chords and the popular styles, I was introduced to the classical guitar, which opened a whole new world for me. I studied the classical guitar for 4 years at university under a former pupil of Mario Abril. My most recent personal guitar endeavors has been basking in the wonderful world of flamenco. I now operate my own private music studio through which I offer instruction in all styles of guitar as well as wind, voice and other instruments.