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United Kingdom

John Harvey is a retired software and safety engineer living in Bath. His musical activities include playing in a brass band, brass ensembles, a string quartet, a mandolin quartet, early music groups and various orchestras. He also arranges music for many of these ensembles. He feels he is a natural virtuoso on hosepipe and ocarina although the opportunities are sadly somewhat limited. So a wide variety of other noise-making artefacts are used on a fairly regular basis. An alpenhorn has recently been acquired so watch this space.

Score catalogue

Largo from Winter - Large mixed ensemble
Earl of Oxford’s March - Solo instrument (Mandolin [notation])
Canarios - Solo instrument (Mandolin [notation])
Suite of Dances arr for Solo Mandolin - Solo instrument (Mandolin [notation])
The Entertainer (for Tenor Banjo) - Solo instrument (Banjo [notation])
Pleasant Moments - String quartet
Melody for the Violin - String quartet
Granada - Suite Espanola - String quartet
The Entertainer - String quartet
Prelude in B Minor - String quartet
March from Hercules - String quartet
The Cascades - String quartet
Acorazado Rivadavia - String quartet
The Easy Winners - String quartet
Ayre - String quartet
Cantique de Jean Racine - String quartet
Swan & Elephant - String quartet
Londonderry Air - String quartet
Clair de Lune - String quartet
El Choclo - String quartet
Clair de Lune (Str 5tet) - String quartet
Euphonic Sounds - String quartet
Dance Macabre - String quartet
Sheep may safety graze - String quartet
Humming Chorus - String quartet
Pavane - String quartet
Le Petit Negre - String quartet
Recuerdos de la Alhambra - String quartet
Girl with the Flaxen Hair - String quartet
Spanish Dance No 5 - String quartet
Largo from Lute Concerto - String quartet
Tango - String quartet
Air from Suite in D - Large mixed ensemble
The Entertainer - Large mixed ensemble
Morning is Broken - Large mixed ensemble
March & Aire - Brass quartet
March from Scipio - Brass quartet
March from Deidamia - Brass quartet
Melody - Brass quartet
March from Hercules - Brass quartet
Aire and Gavotte - Brass quartet
Round O - Brass quartet
Trumpet Minuet - Brass quartet
Grand March from Aida - Brass quartet
Trumpet Song - Brass quartet
Le Petit Negre for brass - Brass quartet
Locus Iste - Quartet of Trombones
Three Equali - Quartet of Trombones
The Magic Trombone Overture - Quartet of Trombones
Canzona No 1 - Quartet of Ocarinas
Canzona No 2 - Quartet of Ocarinas
Canzona No 3 - Quartet of Ocarinas
Canzona No 4 - Quartet of Ocarinas
Two Part Invention No 1 - Duet of Baritones