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Useful pieces meeting a variety of needs

Inspired by my experiences as a member of choral groups, jazz and pop combos, handbell choirs, and concert bands, musical influences including jazz, rock, gospel and sacred choral music, and life in a variety of countries and cultures

Highlighted pieces in this collection:

  • Mass of Anointing: Including additional prayers and responses for the Rite of the Anointing of the Sick
  • Mass for a Church United: Based on the familiar hymn tune GOTT VATER SEI GEPREISEN, to encourage full congregational singing
  • Mass of St. Leo the Great: Written during the U.S. Government shutdown of 2019, and for that reason dedicated to the patron saint of public administrators and impossible negotiations
  • The Bright Pomp Ascended Jubilant: Setting of passages from the creation story in Milton's "Paradise Lost" for choir, organ, and handbells
  • The Gift: Meditation on the Last Seven Words of Christ: Settings for choir, brass, string, and reed ensembles

Take a good look around – every piece is unlike the others!

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