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United States

"Now I can say loudly and openly what I have been saying to myself on my knees." – Duke Ellington

My work as a composer and arranger has focused primarily on music for the Mass and for the Christmas season, though you will see a mix of secular music and sacred music for other occasions. I compose in various styles and for various situations based on inspiration, experience, and the groups I belong to at any particular moment.

A little about myself:

  • High school concert, jazz and marching bands; four pit orchestras
  • College concert and jazz bands; five pit orchestras; pop music shows (Outstanding Contribution to Performing Arts, Georgetown University, 1987-88)
  • International choirs in the former Yugoslavia, Romania and Japan; pastoral musician in Japan; jazz combo playing in Japan
  • Northern Virginia church choirs as singer and instrumentalist

Take a good look around – every piece is unlike the others!

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