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The work of a hobbyist.

All scores are free to print. However, I have two requests to those performing them:

1. If you have the means and desire to record yourself performing anything, please contact me to send me a copy.
2. As Sibelius's terms state, I must be contacted for permission to perform anything of mine live. I am happy to do so, so please extend me this courtesy. I just want to know what my babies are up to.

I'm happy to create parts on request for those scores that don't already have them posted.

Each score includes an mp3. I can pretty much guarantee that it will sound better than playing directly from the score in your browser. It also more closely represents my own interpretation.

(*) Programming is another hobby of mine. Here is a rather nerdy combination of the two, which tracks scores' page views and prints, and updates itself daily. Sorry it's not very self-explantory.

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