Josef Peter Traun

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Born 27th October 1952 in Klagenfurt (Carinthia/Austria). I've studied classical guitar at the "Universitaet fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst" in Vienna (Prof. Karl Scheit and Prof. Heinz Wallisch) and jazz guitar (Prof. Julius Scheybal), jazzcomposition / arrangement (Prof. Heinz Czadek) at the "Privatuniversitaet Konservatorium der Stadt Wien". I'm still working as a teacher for guitar and ensemble playing in "Joseph Eybler Musikschule" in Schwechat (Niederoesterreich), a little town near Vienna (maybe you know the airport) and band leader of the jazz combo "Siebenphoniker" and "G'zupft & G'strich'n". I like my job, which is even my hobby too.

PS.: The composer Joseph Eybler (1765-1846) was born and lived in Schwechat.

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