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United Kingdom


Julian is a composer, with mature pieces since late 1980s. Major influences include Berg, Hindemith, Shostakovich, Henze and Hartmann. Style is atonal, contrapuntal but melodically driven, following in the great Austro-German tradition.

Julian composes works in all forms: chamber, instrumental, vocal (especially for female voice), choral and orchestral.

Key works include:

  • Viola sonata
  • Violin sonata
  • Viola concerto
  • Three Ophelia Songs (soprano & piano quintet)
  • Songs on Imagist Poets (soprano & piano

Other activities


  • Junior lecturer at Oxford teaching mathematics
  • Currently doing research in algebraic geometry


  • Worked in civil service doing research into IT as well as large-scale architecture design
  • Currently available as IT consultant, specialising in system engineering, web services and distributed systems
  • Current research interests include functional programming, distributed processing and robotics


  • Philosophy (particularly epistemology, philosophy of language and political theory)
  • Fictional writing


  • BA in mathematics, University of Oxford
  • MA, University of Oxford
  • MSc by research in mathematics, University of Oxford