Jason Kendall

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United States

Jason Kendall (1973- ) Musician, educator,Presbyterian Choral Director, Performer received both his graduate and under graduate degrees in Music Education from West Virginia University. He very interested in new music and meeting new composers and arrangers.

" Music is the work of the Almighty. Created in the same mold as fire. It lives breathes, warms, burns, tortures, forges, heals, and destroys. It exists only as an intangible duration of experience, but pierces unlike any blade. Pythagoras believed it was the code to knowing the universe. And like the universe its characters are eternal. "

" Music is the stitch that binds hearts and minds in collective moments of past and present"

" The need to innovate and stretch is the core nature of the human race. It is our burden and our blessing"

Just a few inspirational quotes.