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I am a Bolton born secondary music teacher.I graduated from the London College of Music and obtained a Postgraduate Diploma (Early Music) at the Royal Northern College of Music.I am a harpsichordist, pianist and flautist and particularly enjoy Early Music and lesser known composers. As a teacher I am always on the lookout for enjoyable and educational music, often in unusual combinations to suit my pupils, and find that mainstream published music doesn't provide much for school ensembles.

My arrangements, compositions and transcriptions have gone worldwide from this site. It was a great privilege to be published by the American Recorder Society in 2011 and also to know my transcriptions are regularly performed by the Guernsey Baroque Band.

The Recorder trios 'Danse de Village, 'El Pueblito', 'La Pensive', 'Triste' and 'Fugal Exploits' are now available from Orpheus Music - see the link below.

Both of my arrangements of Georg Muffat's fifth keyboard Partita and Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre's a minor harpsichord suite for clarinet quartet are now available from Alea Publishing & Recording - see the links below.

My composition ‘Fughetta’ is now available in the collection of contemporary pieces for harpsichord edited by Saale and Christian M. Fischer. This project was sponsored by ‘Harpsichord xxi’ and the ‘Estonian Harpsichord Society’ - see the link below.

Soundscapes for Xylophone and Piano are now published by the 'Dutch Music Partners' - see link below.

Cross Island trio with Thomas Piercy (Clarinet) premiered ‘Rush Hour Waltz’ on Saturday, 13th April 2013 at Plainview-old Bethpage Public Library Plainview, Long Island. This was part of Vox Novus Composer’s Voice “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”.

Cross Island trio with Sandy Tepper (Clarinet) gave a second outing to ‘Rush Hour Waltz’ on Sunday, September 29 2013, 1pm at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, New York City. This was part of 'Composer's Voice 3rd Annual Children's month concert.

Erin Bomboy writes: "Rush Hour Waltz immediately sets the tone for this concert. Bustling at a hearty tempo, it bursts with wonderment before closing with an emphatic smile."

Katherine Crawford (Mezzo-Soprano) and Rebecca Ashe (Flute) premiered ‘When She Weeps’ on Sunday, 15th September 2013 at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, New York City. This was part of Vox Novus Composer’s Voice “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”.

West Winds premiered 'A Sussex Morn' on Thursday, 29th May 2014 at Living Arts of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma). This was part of Vox Novus Composer's voice "Fifteen Minutes of Fame".

The scores can be found in ‘Miscellaneous’.

Two Sonatinas for Treble Recorder and Piano are now available from Peacock Press UK: Please follow the link.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any arrangements or compositions to suit your needs.

Score catalogue

Captain Hook (and Mr Smee!) - Voice + keyboard
Peter Pan Overture - Orchestra
Peter’s Song - Voice + keyboard
Wendy’s Song - Voice + keyboard
Lost Boys - Voice + keyboard
Mrs Darling - Voice + keyboard
Peter's Song (Reprise) - Voice + keyboard
Concerto No. 2 for Descant Recorder - Orchestra + solo Descant Recorder
Concerto no. 5 for two descant recorders - Orchestra + solo Soprano Recorder
Concerto no. 6 for two descant recorders - Orchestra + solo Descant Recorder
Concerto No. 1 for Treble Recorder - Orchestra + solo Treble Recorder
Concerto No. 3 for Descant recorder - Orchestra + solo Descant Recorder
Gavotte - Solo Flute + piano
Minuet in G minor - Solo Flute + piano
Minuet in D minor - Solo Flute + piano
Gigue in G minor - Solo Flute + piano
Sarabande - Solo Flute + piano
no. 75 (Opus.41/II) - Solo Flute + piano
no. 97 (Opus. 41/III) - Solo Flute + piano
no. 61 (Opus. 41/II) - Solo Flute + piano
no. 73 (Opus. 41/II) - Solo Flute + piano
Tristis est anima mea - Brass quartet
Tenebrae factae sunt - Brass quartet
’Winter’ - Brass quartet
'En el viento' - Trio of Treble Recorders
La Danza Descarada - Wind quintet
Prelude and Fughetta - Woodwind trio
Don’t lose your Rag - Wind quintet
’Mañana’ - Wind quintet
Nocturne - Solo Soprano Recorder + piano
Song without words - Solo Descant Recorder + piano
Rustic Dance - Solo instrument (Piano)
Waltz - Solo instrument (Piano)
El Humahuaqueno - Quintet of Soprano Recorders
Sweet Kate - Trio of Soprano Recorders
Takirari del Regreso - Quartet of Soprano Recorders
When to her Lute Corrina sings - Trio of Soprano Recorders
’Fughetta’ - Duet of Tenor Viols
’Homage’ - Quartet of Treble Viols
Winter's Morn - Duet of Bass Viols
St. Thomas Partita - Solo instrument (Solo Viola)
’Squires and Damsels’ - Concert band / wind band
’Cotton and Barges’ - Military band
Somerset - Concert band / wind band
Waltz - Quartet of Clarinets in Bb
Concerto No. 4 - Orchestra + solo Treble Recorder