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United Kingdom

Martyn has been composing music for over 10 years, covering many different styles of music such as orchestra, cinematic film, piano solos, electronic and brass band music.

Martyn has recently been working on a collection of classical piano music and has begun working on a collection of music for brass bands. This piano music is very melodic and rhythmic and easy to listen to, though slightly harder to play.

Some other music is is available at website and at Soundcloud - MartynMusicMan

Other Musical experiences

Plays in various brass bands (Watership Brass Mid-Sussex Brass Band, Patcham Silver Band ), orchestras, musicals and rock bands to a high standard.

Here are most of the musicals Martyn has played percussion/drums in.

Sister Act (2016) - Andover Musical Theatre Group

Summer Holiday (2014) - Newbury Nomads

Grease (2013) - Newbury Nomads

Our House (2011) - Newbury Nomads

Jeckyll & Hide (2010) - Newbury Nomads

West Side Story (2009) - Newbury Nomads

Disco Inferno (2008) - Newbury Nomads

Chess (2006) - Newbury Nomads

Annie (2006) - Basingstoke Amature Theatre

Me and My Girl (2006) - Basingstoke Amature Theatre

Annie (2005) - Newbury Nomads

Calamity Jane (2004) - Basingstoke Amature Theatre

Please get in touch if you want to talk music.

Martyn C Adams

Score catalogue

Motherly Wonders - Tenor Horn Solo
Decouple Time - Bb Cornet Duet
Born to Drive (10 piece) - for Brass Fusion
Blossom - Cornet Solo
Decouple Time - Bb Cornet Duet
Tetris Nos - Russian folk tune - Korobeiniki
Tetris Nos - 10 Piece Brass Ensemble - Russian folk tune - Korobeiniki
Steel Dreaming - Brass Quartet - Inspired by the Moon Landing
Motherly Wonders - Tenor Horn Solo