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Music on Score Exchange includes hymns, liturgical and scripture settings, children's songs, and choral anthems.

Along with my husband, Mark, I'm the owner of GARDEN ROSE MUSIC, which publishes "Songs of Joy," a collection of children's music designed to teach the basics of the Christian faith. This project includes a recording and songbooks and has been used by many churches and schools in their children's choir and other programs. Some of the music has also been useful in Sunday morning worship with all ages. The recordings and songbooks are available here:


Newest Children's Choir Anthem: "Hallelujah!" from Handel's "Messiah."

NEWEST CHRISTMAS HYMN: "Christ Came (Consider Christ)"

NEWEST ROUND: "Lord, Give Us Wisdom"


NEWEST HYMN: "The Gospel of Peace"

NEWEST SETTING OF LITURGY, "The Apostles' Creed" word-for word setting.

NEWEST PSALM, "Psalm 61" word-for-word setting.

NEWEST HYMN WITH MUSIC OF A FOLK SONG, "The Word, in the Beginning" to the tune BRETON CAROL.

NEWEST METRICAL PSALM, "Save Me, O God (From Psalm 69)"

NEWEST CHORAL ANTHEM, "Lord, Give Us Wisdom"

Composer/author of "Covenant Child," a hymn published by Great Commission Publications that is sung in some churches whenever they have a baptism. (Hear an MP3 on "Covenant Child.") It is included in their "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs."

Wrote "For Our Nation," which is included in a shape-note tunebook compiled in memory of the victims of September 11. Featured in this edition of Global Christian Worship:

Psalm 88 was a winner in the 2005 Bock Sacred Song and Hymn Search held by Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts (of Fuller Seminary).

14 of these hymns, and scripture settings are included in the 2005 Scottish hymnal, "Joyous Voices to the Lord."

Several of the songs from "Songs of Joy" are included on a children's worship CD from Learning by Grace:

"Blood was on the Crown of Thorns" is included in a 2008 hymnal called "Singing the New Testament" published jointly by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources:

"King of Glory" is included in the 2010 Baptist hymnal, "Celebrating Grace," published by Mercer University Press.

"Covenant Child" is included in the 2011 UK Methodist Hymnal, "Singing the Faith."

The Pentecost choral anthem, "You Sent Your Holy Spirit" is now available from St. James Music Press: The hymn is still here on Score Exchange:

"The Name of Jesus" is included in the website, "Singing the Faith Plus"

"The Nicene Creed" video is available on YouTube.

Our liturgical settings have been used in several countries. For example, a large residential boys school in Australia needed an efficient way to sing liturgy at their daily chapel. They chose our music because, with 600 teenage boys, they wanted the fastest settings available. I'm happy that ours are useful. YouTube video of "The Nicene Creed."

Note - Some of my hymns use tunes that are in the public domain. Tune names are in all caps.

While additional volumes of "Songs of Joy" have not been completed due to health concerns (CFS), I continue to write new music and texts as I am able. I have a particular interest in writing new Advent hymns and Christmas carols. Many of these are appropriate for "Lessons and Carols" services. Another special interest is writing hymns of prayer. Sometimes I find it is easiest for me to pray with a hymn. All my lyrics have been checked by my pastor for theological soundness.

I'm a former ICU nurse. My wonderful husband and I live near Houston, TX, USA. Mark is in Human Resources in the energy field. Our two excellent daughters are now all grown up and living in Seattle, WA and near Denver, CO.

To print, click on the printer just above the title. You should be able to transpose these scores, e.g. if your group has a different vocal range or if you would like easier guitar chords. If you have any difficulty with this, or any other question, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Our prayer is that this music will be useful to churches.

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