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A very long time ago Michael studied composition with Antonin Tucapsky at Trinity College of Music in London. At the conclusion of his studies he was awarded the Chappell Prize for composition. Since then Michael has produced a series of attractive works for solo piano and small ensemble. He has also written variety of songs for children and a stage production called The Hunting of the Haggis.

Below you will find four books of "Preludes"(sample) arranged in Chopin's cycle of fifths. These preludes are intended to be played in sets of six. Each set can be combined, mixed or individual pieces presented. They vary in difficulty from grade 4 to 8 and whilst some are abstract most are miniature portraits of the people or places that have shaped my ideas. Incidentaly there has never been a performance of all of the set…so if you fancy giving a "World Premier" this could be your moment.

The "Fantasie" is I consider a special piece. I really didn't believe it could be done but Teena Lyle (a very special vibraphone virtuoso) kept the faith and I think I owe her a big thanks…If you have the resources to play it in the original I will be at the concert..but it also works with all sorts of combinations.

In 2010 the three Intermezzi, "Romanza" were premiered in Louth, Lincs. and seemed to go down well. This work is designed to fit together but each piece has it's own merit. Once again I have returned to a favourite subject of mine…secrets. Hidden within the music are the names of three cherished and lovely friends.

"Simple Unison Carols" (sample) are a set of new melodies to favourite carols. They are quite sweet but occaisonally take a 21st century twist. They are aimed at church music groups or school choirs. I also think they will make pleasant Christmas solo songs for those "mulled wine recitals."

I have now embarked on producing concert solos for a variety of instruments under the general title of "Characterisitic Pieces." "Delicato" is a challenging cello piece whilst "Intrigue", is a waltz for clarinet and piano in the urban jazz genre; "Loss", an elegy for violin and piano. The latest addition to the set is a "Ziganka" - a whizzy Russian folk dance - for oboe and piano. I think they are worth a look!

I enjoy writing pieces for educational purposes and my most popular to date are the "Sonatina" (piano 4 hands) and a tiny set of pieces for oboe and piano called "My Friend William."

"All Fingers & Thumbs" (sample) is an album that I feel there has long been a need for. These are simple attractive pieces for the late starters or adult beginners. Too often these enthusiastic musicians are pushed towards books for the very young or on to classical arrangements. These little pieces are created for those beginners who can reach the notes and the pedal…

(Should you wish to perform a piece please let me know the date and venue by email. Please put music in the subject line. At present there is no charge for my work.)

April 2012