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Welcome to my collection of jazz compositions and arrangements. I hope you enjoy the music I've written!

I'm always interested to hear from people who are going to play or who have played my music, so please do get in touch with me at michael.roberts@ucl.ac.uk to let me know how it's going! Please also get in touch with any other comments, feedback or requests you may have. I am happy to make customised scores to suit your particular ensemble.

Most of my music has a price tag, but if you send me a nice message then I will give you the music for free :-)

My music is split into two main groups: big band and small band. The small band music comes primarily in the form of leadsheets, so the performers are very much encouraged to interpret the piece. I tend to provide the melody in Bb, Eb, C (tenor) and C (bass), which should cover most of the instruments that are likely to play the music - but do let me know if you need another type of part.

The big band music is a bit more prescribed. I usually write for "standard" big band (i.e. 4 x trumpets, 4x trombones, 2x alto sax, 2x tenor sax, baritone sax, piano/bass/drums & optional guitar). When I can, I like to give the rhythm section the freedom to improvise their accompaniments so chords are provided for the rhythm section parts.

A quick note on the recordings: most of the small band recordings are done using live instruments, but most of the big band recordings are done with MIDI so they don't sound particularly realistic, but should give you a basic idea of how the piece sounds.

Once again, thank you for visiting my site. Please do get in touch with any feedback you may have!

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