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Maria Ljungdahl

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I studied (B.A. in Musicology) music theory, music history, ethnomusicology, philosophy, music technology and composition at the universities in Gothenburg, Lund, Uppsala and Stockholm, and I also have a background from science, IT and engineering studies.

Score catalogue

This is Marika - Voice + keyboard
Sing a new song, angel - Voice + keyboard
Vogue la Galère - Voice + keyboard
A Flat, Tired Blues (piano) - Solo instruments (Piano)
Lines For Lina - or, Both Hands Now - Jazz quartet
Sveduddens fyr - a Pharology tune - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Almagrundet - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Blockhusudden - a Pharology tune - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Morsken - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Ryssmasterna - Pharology #4 - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Svartklubben - a Pharology tune - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Beyond Good and Atonal (piano album) - 1. Keyboard pieces 1964-2014 - Solo instruments (Piano)
Scarborough Fair (voice, guitar, bass) - Every Rose Grows Merry In Time - Voice + guitar
Le Beau Dunois (Partant pour la Syrie) - by Hortense de Beauharnais - Piano trio
Månens sång - ur Månsången i Törnrosens Bok - Voice + keyboard
A tiny collection of traditional Swedish tunes - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Gåsvikarens vals - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Yttröarns Vals nr 4 - Traditional waltz from the archipelago - Solo instruments (Solo Violin)
Bourrée - by Wilhelm Friedeman Bach - Solo instruments (Piano)
In nomine - I den treeniges namn - Solo instruments (Organ [manuals with pedals])
Sursum corda & Sanctus - Choir + keyboard
Pax - Guds frid - Choir + keyboard
Ps 139 - Choir + keyboard
Joh 14 - Choir + keyboard

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