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Dr. Michael Morse
Fly-bi-Nite & Bros.
558 Downie Street
K9H 4J8

Massachusetts-born bassist, composer, arranger, and teacher Michael Morse studied with Gary Peacock, Warren Grim and Rudolf Watzel. Among the jazz greats with whom he has performed and recorded are Brian Barley, Bob Mover, Lee Konitz, Roswell Rudd, Charles Ellison, Claude Ranger, John Vidacovich, Jane Fair, Terry King, Steve Hall, and Kirk MacDonald. He is a devout practitioner of the dark art of music sociology, and teaches at Trent University, as well as writing books and articles in the field. He has two unusually high-quality children, two delightful former wives, and lives in Peterborough, Ontario. Dr. Morse is an equal opportunity employee.

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