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United States

Member ASCAP

Artistic Statement

The work of music composition and orchestration is comparable to engineering, the solving of problems and implementing the appropriate solutions in the designs of roads, bridges, and structures of musical sound.

Background and Information: Composer, European-style classical pianist. Some of the earlier pieces represent my interests in polymodal music, also West African musical instruments and styles, e.g., "Interchanges."

Additional pieces may be heard on the SoundCloud site, several of which can be made available in printed score/parts form, upon request.

SoundCloud link:

Please allow time for preparation and uploading of scores to Score Exchange.

Education: Studied orchestration and composition of music for games and film, also songwriting, with Jack Freeman, Tania Leon, Ben Newhouse, Andrea Stolpe, Brad Hatfield, and Amnon Wolman. Jazz studies were undertaken with Ron Jackson, Joris Teepe, and also the late, great Enos Payne.