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My musical education started with playing the recorder aged five or six. At seven I started to play the violin, at thirteen I took up the clarinet, and at fourteen I discovered the viola and the bass clarinet. Although I participated in school ensembles and Fiddle Fiestas prior to that age, it was then that I realised I loved music, mainly thanks to my clarinet teacher including theory in my lessons, and teaching me to be a musician. The friends I made in Upper School were all through music, so we spent most of our free time in the music department, talking music, listening to the pianist among us practising, and rehearsing various ensemble pieces.

During my latter school years I played in the school windband, jazz band, and string ensemble; Bedfordshire Youth 2nd County Band and Youth Orchestra; Luton Youth Orchestra, and attended Ampthill Music Centre. Since then I have volunteered on the Stepping Stones Project with the Philharmonia Orchestra, attended the Creative Orchestra (also with the Philharmonia), and I am soon to embark on my third year of 'Take the Lead', training with Paul Smith and Dr Charles MacDougall of Voces8, under the Hatch My Ideas! initiative.

Sadly my enthusiasm is in no way a reflection of my ability to compose, as I find it very difficult to develop ideas and no longer have the time to devote to composition. My scores on here are all from 2004-2007 (GCSE-A Level years).