Bruce Patrick

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MR Bruce Patrick
53 Blackwood St
New South Wales

I am a middle aged baritone with a range that extends well into the tenor range and also well into the bass range. I started singing seriously 3 years ago and have participated as i choir member recently in the 2007 "Opera In The Alps"

I have recently been featured as the Baritone Soloist at a local performance O Faure's "Requiem".

As it is now the festive seasnon I am in much demand by many organisations in the local area performing carols and other songs from an every expanding rep.

I will be performing again as part of the Choir at the 2008 "Opera in The Alps" in Beechworth Victoria Australia. I am looking forward once again to perform in a choir made up of professional singers which is a gin being accompanied by a very talented young orchestra.

This next piece of news is the commercial side of this piece. I am available to perform at functions in cluding after dinner entertainment and weddings. both in the Church or ceromony and at the reception.

I have not had a chance to update this part of the profile for a very long time. SAdly music and singing has needed to take a back seat after the production of Oliver in 2012. I will say that the production was a success and after a slow first couple of nights we performed to packed houses for the last 6 shows of the production.

I do hope that this year will allow me to be able to get back into my singing and into arranging so that I can once more submit some more scores for the benifit of singers everywhere