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Niels Dolieslager (1977) was born in Dirksland (Holland) and is the son of painter Hans Dolieslager. He started playing the piano at 8, won prizes at music competitions, played in orchestras and bands. Studied musicology at the University of Utrecht from 1995 and composition at the Conservatory of Utrecht from 1997, gradruated at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague as a composer in 2003. His teachers were Gilius van Bergeijk, Martijn Padding, Diderik Wagenaar en Ton Lambij.

His music has been performed by Ensemble Ribattuta, the Esquire Saxophone Quartet, Loos, Elektra, the Psalmen voor Nu band and Anja Wessels. He works as a music reporter, piano and composition teacher, fundraiser, performing musician and piano player. Niels is a team member of the project "Psalmen voor Nu" which writes new melodies and new translations for the psalms in dutch. He has two children and lives in Soest (Holland).