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Otto B.Hartmann (member of GEMA)(Pseudonym: Grischa Batanoff, Bernhard Wolfmann, Ben Silfer, Peter Waldorff)…all compositions are original-published by "OBH Musikverlag Otto B.Hartmann"(member of SUISA)Lugano/Switzerland and sub-published for UK and Ireland by "hartmann entertainment ltd."(member of GEMA) Glasgow/Scotland….more about "OBH Musikverlag Otto B.Hartmann"(incl. "Edition Plural" and "Unlimited Music"): Publishing - Productions (more than 1500 tracks) - Record-Labels: Kick, obh, Expo, kiddy-joy, Okay ….News and Press: MusicMediaService (MMS) ©by obh(member of AJE) …more informations: and e-mail:

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