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Mr. Paco Viciana
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Barcelona-1964.He have received his classical musical training from 1976 to 1994 at the local High Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, at the professional Conservatory of music in Badalona, at the Brothers Claret School of Music of Barcelona, at the Zeleste School of Barcelona, at the modern music and jazz hall in Barcelona and at the School for Musical Therapy in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

From 1987 to 1999 practised as a teacher giving courses, conferences and concerts at the el Sol Fa La Vida School in Besalú (founded by himself and director), the School for Modern Music and Jazz in Banyoles, the School of Art in Olot and the University of Girona. He has released the following performances: Piano, Mira com sonen, Entre poc i massa, La nit del llamp, Concert poètic a la dona, Nickelodeon, Lorca, Viatges imaginaris, L'Amor a la Vida, Mirades, Música per les ones, Dones d'aigua (Ballet), Transitant, Llunàtics, Memòria d'aigua, Després de tot, La cúpula dels somnis (Ballet) and Estany (Show for the Inauguration of the World Rowing Championship in Banyoles), Tanausú (for Symphonic orchestra an choirs), world premiere of the work in april of 2009 by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava, conduct by David Hernando.

Since the years 2000 to 2003 he contribute every week to the Martí Gironell's radio show El pont de les formigues in Catalunya Radio.

He have play among others to the next Musical Festivals:

Centre Artesà Tradicionarius (Barcelona), Mercat de Música Viva (Vic), Festival Internacional de Música de Barcelona (L'Auditori), Temporada Alta (Salt), Festival Internacional de la Porta Ferrada (St. Feliu de Guixols), Festival Internacional de Noves Músiques (L'Espluga de Francolí), Festival Internacional de Música i Dansa (Les Presses), Nits al Museu (Museu d'Art de Girona), Festival de Música del Baix Penedès, Festival de Música de La Bisbal d'Empordà, Festival de Tardor de Sant Gregori, Festival de Música de Malgrat…

At the theatre he directs musically Un hombre de la Mancha (the man of the Mancha) of Mitch Leigh (1986) an he composes songs for the Quin jove mes embalat and the music for El malalt imaginari of Molière.

For the cinema he has composed soundtracks for Whisky curt of J.M. Pérez, Ressons from Pere Box, El pollo Tejada of J.M. de Togores that was orded by the Cinema Museum of Girona, Serres Nues i Agudes and Poema Blanc from the TV3's TV-show Hidrògen, Entelèquia from Francesc Font, Transacció, Café pendent and El mòbil del crim from Quim Paredes, La vella llei from Joan Solana and the music for the TV-series Dalí a la carta about the work of Salvador Dalí.

We wish to emphasise several prizes as composer for symphonic folk-ensemble.

Recorded music can be found in the following works: Tanae (CD, Global Records), Cada veu un petò (CD, Picap), Que giri rodó (CD, Global Records), El amor a la vida (CD, Resistencia Ediciones), Propostes musicals Banyoles (CD, Sublim Record), Espais naturals de Catalunya (CD, TVC Edicions, volum I y II) y Mirades (CD, Discmedi), Les 4 estacions a Catalunya (CD, TVC Edicions), La Cantoria-de l'11 al 21 (CD, 44.1 Edicions), Memòria d'aigua (CD, 44.1 Edicions), Emociona't-e (CD, 44.1 Edicions), Dones d'aigua (CD, Catrecords), De canya i de canons (CD, Picap), Compositors de Girona (CD, Stringendo Edicions), Iris (CD, Picap)…

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