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United Kingdom

Phillip Pennington Harris studied music at Southampton University, winning the Southampton Concert Orchestra Prize and the Edward Wood Memorial Prize; he continued at Sussex University studying composition with Jonathan Harvey, receiving support from the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust and the Michael James Music Trust. He studied organ with James Lancelot.

His Variations on a Theme of Alban Berg were performed at the York Spring Festival, 1986; his String Quartet No.1 was performed by the Mistry Quartet at the Royal Academy of Music in 1988; Le campane della Toscana for Flute and Piano received its first performance at the Warehouse, London, in the SPNM "Premiere Crew" concert in 2000 - all three works having been shortlisted and the performances organised by the SPNM. The SPNM also shortlisted Tintinnabula (Sonata) for Violin and Piano.

Notable premieres of his compositions include Landscape M for brass quintet (Portsmouth & BMIC London, 1996), Auden Songs (Gosport, 1996), Big Blue Eye (BMIC London, 1997), Themes on a Variation (Portsmouth, 1998), Six Little Piano Pieces (Portsmouth, 1999), the motet, I know that river (Winchester, 1999), Invocations (London 1999, Baton Rouge (USA) 1999, Portsmouth & Rouen (FRANCE) 2000), Shorts (London, 2000), At the Manger (Mary's Song) commissioned by the Harmonium Singers (Andover, 2000), Salve Regina (Rome, 2005), O sacrum convivium (Rome 2005), Tu es Petrus (Newcastle-under-Lyme, 2008), Ad Regias Agni Dapes (Rome, 2010), Beati qui ad cenam nuptiarum Agni vocati sunt (Portsmouth, 2010) and Beati qui habitant in domo tua, Domine (Albano (ITALY) 2011), Beata es, Virgo Maria (Northampton Cathedral, 2012), Introibo ad altare Dei (Portsmouth Cathedral, 2013)

He is a member of the Portsmouth District Composers' Alliance, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and the PRS.

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