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Born 1961 in Vienna, Austria. Biochemist by education; since more than 54 years active on piano, organ, harpsichords and other keyboards, performing solo and chamber music as well as lieder-accompanist. Composition since 1980, awards from Tiroler Saengerbund Competition 1995, the International Franz Schubert Choir Competition 1997, Harmonia Classica Competition, Vienna, 2013, and, though not in the finals, a listing on the jury's recommended list of good works of Uuno Klami Competition 2013/14:

In May 2013 the duo WienContempo have put a short piece of mine on their concert programme:

Visit for learning about a very exciting Chamber Opera Project in Vienna during May - July 2009, where I had the honour to participate.

Here a few scenes of my contribution on YouTube:

In August and September 2011, sirene operntheater wien brought another opera project on stage, also with my contribution: see

And here my entire chamber opera:

Score catalogue

Ignazio Siber Sonata I. (Bc realisation) - Solo Soprano Recorder + piano
J.S.Bach ’Es ist vollbracht’ BWV 245 Piano reduction - Aria for Alto, Viola da Gamba and B.c. - Voice + keyboard
Kyrie 144 - Quintet
Ms S Blows The Whistle - Solo instrument (Soprano Recorder)
Passacaglia for Violoncello and Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Flute Magic from Magic Flute - Quartet of Soprano Recorders
Short Pieces for Pia 1 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
6 Cello Duets - Duet of Solo Violoncellos
Short Pieces for Pia 2 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Short Pieces for Pia 3 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Short Pieces for Pia 4 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Short Pieces for Pia 5 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Short Pieces for Pia 6 - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Prelude for Merike and Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Moment of Valse - Trio of Solo Violoncellos
Paviana for Two Viols - Duet of Bass Viols
Pibix Tango (Vc+Pno) - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
CelloTrio - Trio of Solo Violoncellos
Allegro for Cello and Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
13th Fantasia for Recorder Solo - Solo instrument (Soprano Recorder)
Intro 4 4 - Quartet of Trumpets in Bb
Flauto Forte e Piano Dolce 1 - Solo Soprano Recorder + piano
Flauto Forte e Piano Dolce 2 - Solo Soprano Recorder + piano
Only For German Speaking. Enjoy! - Duet of Soprano Recorders
Flauto Forte e Piano Dolce 3 - Solo Soprano Recorder + piano
String Quartet 1986 - String quartet
Credo after Froberger Suite I. - for Alto and Keyboard Instrument - Voice + keyboard
Prelude on Aller Augen warten auf dich, Herre - for Alto, Violin, Violoncello and Organ - Quartet
O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf - for SAB choir, trumpet (C) and organ - Choir + keyboard
Christ ist erstanden - for Alto and Organ - Voice + keyboard
Missa brevis after Froberger Suite II. - Alto and Organ/Harpsichord/Clavichord - Voice + keyboard
Gloria - Choir + orchestra
So nimm denn meine Hände - Präludium für Piccolo und Orgel - Duet
Psalm 31 - Quintet
Poppea & Nerone - Orchestral Variations on Pur ti miro - Orchestra
1. Einzug - Lieber Gott ich bin hier - Duet
2. Kyrie - Ein Funke kaum zu sehn - Duet
3. Loblied - Duet
4. Zwischengesang - Flieg, Schmetterling - Duet
5. Gabenbereitung - Kleine Herzen, kleine Hände - Duet
6. Heilig - Duet
8. Friedenslied - Frieden für die Menschen - Duet
9. Schlusslied - Geht mit Gott, singt ein Lied - Duet