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United Kingdom

I am an amateur musician (very much third rate) and an even more amateur composer (recently upgraded from fifth rate to fourth!) I prefer classical music and have played in several orchestras in my youth. Indeed, I would still play seriously if it weren't for my heavy workload.

Most of my music is several (typically 4) movements long, and the plan is to specify the first movement as free in each case and charge a nominal sum (say $2.00?) for each of the other movements. People who have heard my music say that it sounds like "watered down Beethoven" - which I take to be a compliment as I rate Beethoven very highly. You decide for yourself!

Please do feel free to perform any of this stuff, if you think it's good enough. If you do, please could you let me know, as it would do my ego a power of good! Most of this music has never been performed before (to my knowledge), so you could be responsible for the world premiere!

My thanks to Sean Turpin, without whose help, you would not be able to see some of these pieces.

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