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There is some rather old music amongst my portfolio on sibmus. This music hasn't been removed from the site due to my computer crashing a long time ago and i lost my original copies of these works. Therefore, I do not wish to remove them until i can re-transcribe them onto my current hard-disc

Score catalogue

Trombone Duet I - Duet of Trombones
The Musick of Castle Hill - Concert band / wind band
Contrapunctus Medievilis - Concert band / wind band
Equali 1 - Quartet of Trombones
Spem in Alium - Quintet of Trombones
Duet for two (large) cats - Quartet of Trombones
Trombone Sonata - Solo Trombone + piano
Equali 2 'Triton' - Quartet of Trombones
Equali 3 'Serenata' - Quartet of Trombones
Gaudete - Quartet of Trombones
The Lodestar - Trio of Bass Trombones
Equali 4 - Trio of Trombones
Trombone Quartet Warm-Up Exercise - Quartet of Trombones
nuages argente - Solo instrument (Tuba)
Vivo for Recorders - Trio of Soprano Recorders
Folk song - Solo Bassoon + piano
lament,...dictation - Solo instrument (Contrabassoon)
Sonatine Sarcastique - Solo Flute + piano
Serenade for Anne - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Prelude - Solo instrument (Piano)
Triple Fugue in C minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
Toccatino - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals])
lullaby 21.10.05 - Solo instrument (Piano)
Interlude - Solo instrument (Piano)
Postlude - Solo instrument (Piano)
Invention for Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
3 Short Piano Pieces - Solo instrument (Piano)
Little Jazz Fugue in G minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
Whirligig Dance 23 02.07 - Solo instrument (Piano)
chaconne - Solo instrument (Piano)
Ellers - Brass band
Lloyd - Brass band
Prelude and Fugue #14 - Concert band / wind band
The Absent-Minded Beggar - Quartet of Trombones
To a Wild Rose - Brass band