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United States

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Started piano lessons at 7 years old. Studied under Seth Griner, Director of St. Louis opera, Nelie Tholan, Portland, OR. Entered the University of Washington Physics Degree Program in 1972. Started music lessons up again in 1997 and studied under Karen Sigers, Seattle, WA (Bridge Ensemble), and Mark Salmon, Seattle, WA. From 1980 to 2000 founded and built a $4.5M computer consulting company. On the Board of Directors for The Academy of Music Northwest since 1997, founded by Dorothy Klotzman, Dr. Jim Paul, and Dee Wells. Classically trained in piano, some french horn, some clarinet. Studied composition through the adult composition classes at the Academy of Music Northwest taught by Dorothy Klotzman and Eric Fleshman. Live performances of some pieces may be found at the Academy website: