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When one reaches years of discretion many people find an autobiography coming on. Mine would read more unlikely than most soap-operas! But a legacy of 50 years of music in schoolrooms, choirs and Historic Productions finds me with boxes and files of manuscripts kids stuff, works for mixed choirs, ladies choirs and groups, accompanied and unaccompanied, many written in response to the perennial question, Do you know anything suitable for…? or could you write me something for…? So everything has been tested and performed with enthusiasm and some notable success. And on so many occasions the question WHY DON'T YOU GET IT PUBLISHED? is invariably answered I haven't got time. But, Sibelius-willing, I'm making a start. Have fun with some lively arrangements of music you know and hopefully enjoy something new!

By the way, I have been writing under the name Rosemary Panchen for years and years but am currently known as Rosemary Bruford, which causes some confusion: I answer to either, or neither.

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