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Sabra Lindgren

United States

Welcome to my homepage.

I am a composer and arranger. I have around 300 scores for classical orchestra, chamber ensemble, band, and folk music. I received a Combined BSED in Music K-12 and Biology from Montana State University-Billings/Bozeman. I have some experience teaching privately and in the public schools. My main instrument is the violin, although I have performed on other stringed instruments and on the oboe and clarinet.

My goal is to grow as a composer and use sibelius software to bring music to others. All feedback is important to me in this process. I work to uplift, entertain, and otherwise help others and myself through music composition and performance.

It is not required, but I would like to receive feedback about where my music was performed and how it was received. I am also interested in any matters regarding the playablity of the parts.

I will continue to add more music to my music store (Lindgren Music Publishing) as I finish entering the scores into the software. I have composed in the classical, modern classical, and folk styles for orchestra, band, and chamber ensembles. I have also composed fiddle/mandolin pieces with guitar and string bass accompaniment.

Additionally, I am interested in jobs arranging music or composing scores for film.

If there are any difficulties with the scores or obtaining the scores, please let me know through the e-mail. Bound Scores and their parts can also be ordered from me directly by e-mailing sabralindgren@yahoo.com or calling 406-672-0945. They would be sent by mail.

If a work from Lindgren Music Publishing is performed for the public, information such as location, date, performance group or individual, and director can be sent to sabralindgren@yahoo.com. This information will then be posted on the Lindgren Music Publishing Face Book website. If it is a world premiere, that will be noted.

Thank you for your interest.

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