Samuel Krähenbühl

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Mr Samuel Krähenbühl
Rua Uirapuru, 1335
Cond. Recanto dos Pássaros
Engenheiro Coelho

Samuel Krähenbühl, brazilian, begin piano lessons when was 7 years old and violin with 9. He took violin lessons with Artur Huf, Berenice Liedke, Esdras Rodrigues, Jaime Jorge (USA), Emerson Rocha and Deise Simon. He attended the 2o and 11o Festival Música nas Montanhas, Poços de Caldas, in 2001 and 2010, taking violin classes with Maria Vishna(URG), and conducting classes with Dr. Jay Dean (USA) and Richard Rosemberg (USA) In 2004 finished the Composicional degree in the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Campinas State University), UNICAMP, and in 2005 graduated in Conducting in the same institucion. For his graduated recital, conducted the UNICAMP Symphonic Orchestra, the Mendelssohn 5th Symphony. As composer, had some of his works presented for the UNICAMP Symphonic Orchestra, UNICAMP Brass Quintet, University Adventist Orchestra – Campus EC and Campus HT. As arranger participated from more than 100 CDs and DVDs, recorded by Brazilian orchestras, and orchestras from Indianapolis (USA), Dallas (USA), Los Angeles (USA) and Prague (Check Republic). Todat He teaches Violin, Viola, Conducting, Composing and Music History in the Escola de Artes (Art School) from UNASP-HT and teaches Violin and Viola in the UNASP-EC. He is the principal conductor of the UNASP-HT Symphony Orchestra and Camerata IASP.