Ronald Batkiewicz

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Mr. Ronald Batkiewicz
7 Jumilla Ln
Hot Springs Village
United States of America

I began writing music in Hawaii in 1973. I am self taught and can play and improvise on most instrument types: woodwinds, strings, brass,keyboards, etc. I started using Sibelius in 2008.

Score catalogue

I Shenandoah Leaving - String quartet
II Shenandoah The Dance - String quartet
A-Roving II - Jazz trio
Ambling II - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab])
Angeles Domini/Easter - Choir + keyboard
At Random Winds - Woodwind trio
Ave Maria - Choir + orchestra
Ave Maria - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar [notation])
Away Rio Trio - Brass trio
Bread from Heaven - Woodwind choir
Cheer'ly Men - String quartet
County Fair Girl - Voice + guitar
Faded Love - Quartet
Foghorn Lonliness - Jazz combo
Going Home - Piano trio
Gymnopedie 1 - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar, standard tuning [tab])
Haul Away - String trio
I Still Remember - R & B band
III Shenandoah Embark - String quartet
Jesus, Save Me - Voice + guitar
Just Ambling Along - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab])
Kyrie Eleison - Choir + keyboard
Lullaby Baby Boy - Choir + keyboard
Mother Mary - Large mixed ensemble
Mother Mary - Voice + keyboard
My Dog Star - Solo instrument (Keyboard)
My Lord, What a Morning - String quartet
O Rest in the Lord - Solo Alto + piano
Ode to Orff - Orff ensemble
Old Stewball - Solo instrument (Violin 1)
Old Tom Bonds - Jazz combo
One Two Three - Voice + guitar
Our Father Meditation - Voice + guitar
Our Father Meditation-Two Guitars - Duet of Classical Guitar, standard tunings [tab]
Panem de Caelo/Organ - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals with pedals])
Reverie - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar, standard tuning [tab])
Rush Hour - Wind quintet
Saginaw - Voice + guitar
Silent Night - Quintet
Simple Gifts - Woodwind trio
Song for Piano - Solo instrument (Solo)
Spacetrain - Duet of Acoustic Guitar, standard tunings [tab]
Spanish Dance - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar [notation])
Stabat Mater - Septet
Sundance - Voice + guitar
The Dreadnought - Quintet
The Happy Wanderer - Voice + guitar
The Lord is My Shepard - Voice + keyboard
The Summer Song - Voice + guitar
Tick Tock - Voice + guitar
What Do You Do? - Voice + keyboard
Woodwind Walk - Wind quintet