Sean Montgomery

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United Kingdom

Beginning with piano lessons at the age of 5, I was fortunate enough to have a traditional music education which culminated in studies at the Royal Academy of Music in the late 1980s where my main studies were organ and composition. Making a living as a musician seemed a bit daunting so in search of a more reliable source of income, I embarked on a sales and marketing career within the music industry. A short period with EMI followed by time in music retail led to a position with Roland where I have been happily employed for the last 20 plus years.

I have always enjoyed composing music but finding time to pursue it has become harder with the passing years. Things changed recently when I wrote a short piano piece as a birthday gift for a close friend. Encouraged by the many positive comments, I finally decided to devote more time to composing, a decision which has already led to a series of commissions from the magazine Pianist.