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Mr Emmanuel Tanka Fonta
CWJEF Music Publications
Postfach 62 07 61

Tanka Fonta was born in the highland region of Cameroon in West-Central Africa where he pursued his educational studies. He has pursued a wide variety of interests in the arts, music and education & conducted extensive research in contemporary, art music, folk & traditional African music.

A prolific author & composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, researcher & scholar of traditional African music, he has also been engaged in other professions; as a visual artist, exhibiting at galleries in Cameroon, Canada, USA, & Germany.

With over 100 published works for orchestra, small & mixed ensembles, quartets, trios & for solo instrumentation. Some of his works for chamber & small orchestra includes; Portraiture of a Mambuti New Moon Dance, Ewondo Dance Suite I, Tikari Xylophone Dance, Mankon Masquerade Oratoria I, Portraits of a Bafut Elephant Dance I, Pygmy Flute Dance, Juju Dance Suite I, Onomatopoeia of a Mask Masquerade I, Drums & Faces of the Night. Themes & Idioms of an African Market I, The Birth of Dawn, The Initiation Dances I. He has featured in the documentary film, � African Brush Strokes� & his works have been featured in the documentary � Recalling the Future / Art in contemporary Africa �. In addition he is a frequent performer in numerous festivals, concerts & has appeared in Vues D�Afrique, Coup de Coeur festivals in Montreal, du Maurier Jazz festival & many others. Other activities include,lecture programs on african music, concerts, recitals, artist in residence projects, recordings & educational programs on African music in schools & colleges in Canada, USA & Germany.
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