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I'm a twenty-one year old Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Sheffield. I composed quite a few pieces during my last few years at school, but I spent a year between school and University in the Finnish Navy and this past year I didn't have much time to spare for composing. However, I have managed to play my trombone in the University bands and I also sing tenor in the University Choir. If you're in the South Yorkshire area, come along and hear us. A great concert will be held in Sheffield City Hall on Dec. 9th to celebrate the University's centenary. For more details, email me at or go to

I'd really love any comments and feedback on my music. I'm hoping to be inspired by something this spring/summer, and when I get home to my Sibelius over the holidays, I hope to produce something new. But for now, this is what I have to offer, and I hope you enjoy it. Be in touch!