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Mgr. Vaclav Buzek
Gagarinova 1432
415 01
Czech Republic

Mgr. Vaclav Buzek Was born 29th December 1956 in Liberec (North Bohemia). After graduation of Prague Conservatory � section guitar in the class of professor Jiri Jirmal, he started his career as a teacher at Military Conservatory in Roudnice n/L. At the same time he started to study composition there with professor Stanislav Jelinek who prepared him for study at Janacek Academy of Music Art in Brno. He was accepted to the class of professor Alois Pinos and after his graduation he developed various activities. His field of activity include large pedagogical, composition and science-method work. As a leader of music theory section at Conservatory in Teplice (North Bohemia), where he has been teaching since 1989 year, he keeps active part in promoting contemporary music in this town. V. Buzek organizes concerts where music of Teplice composers are performed. His own compositions and compositions of his students are in the programme of Germany-Bohemia Music Festival. V. Buzek was asked by Czech Broadcast to take part in live concerts. We can find compositions for solo instruments, various chamber music, symphony music and electro acoustic music in his work too. Buzek's musical language has been developing from neoclassicism and neobaroque (Music for trumpet) through different modal and determined techniques (Dodekafonic preludes for flute solo). He was inspired by composition techniques of professor Miloslav Istvan as far as to contemporary post-modern expression combined with repetitive technique. Now days there is more preceptible his approach to listeners by trying to address them with nonacademical and direct way through sound-picturesque and consonant harmony (The exorcised town, Per oboe, Concert for flute). Students of Buzek's composition class continue succesfuly at our musical faculties AMU (Prague) and JAMU (Brno). The composition class presented itself in symphony and chamber music works in Czech Broadcasting in November 2000.