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I am half Chinese, half Australian. My Chinese father was born in Malaysia. When I was young and we lived in Singapore he and his friends would sing (Chinese) Hakka Folk Songs. My mothers side have been in Australia for 5 generations. I learned piano and trumpet at school. I have always been interested in all types of music, but I have a special interest in Baroque, Chinese Folk and Australian Folk.

Score catalogue

The River Piano Sheet Music - For Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
The River - A chinese tune based on the Baban mother tune. - Septet
???_Mo?li?hua?_-_Jasmine_Flower - Solo instrument (Keyboard)
Baban_(??) - A chinese folk tune - Solo instrument (Unnamed (treble staff))
A Thousand Buddha’s (???) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Auld Lang Syne - Quartet
Jasmine Flower Piano (??? Mo? Li? Hua?) - Piano Version - Voice + keyboard