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Writing stuff that are hopefully fun to play and not too horrible to listen to. Some pieces are made for bands with drums, percussion, electric bass, electric guitar, woodwinds and brass. I try to vary the degree of difficulty within the percussion section in these pieces. I also try to make room for each instrument to have a central position somewhere in each song and to make it easy and important for everyone to listen to eachother. All band songs have notation as well as tab for electric bass and - guitar.

I'm also writing music for acoustic and electric guitar and most of these also have both tab and notation. They are mainly beginner materials and there are both solo pieces, duets and trios.

You may also find a few songs with different intrumentation such as piano, oboe, voices, solo pieces for a brass or wind instrument with piano and more.

Songs are grouped six (for the most) in each folder in my score catalogue below and my latest work will be found in the folder named "new". You'll find various instrumentation in folders with song names. Pieces for guitar will be found in guitar # folders and those made for bands with woodwind and brass are called "small band".

* Most of my mp3 files are generated from midi instruments. If you learn (or teach a student) to play a song of mine, you should know I will be happy to receive recordings with real instruments as mp3 files. I will attach your mp3 file to my digital sheets here.

Score catalogue