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Yoïn van Spijk

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My name is Yoïn van Spijk. I am 17 years old now and I was born January the 11th in 1991.

As for, I am completely self-taught. Approximately four years ago, I began playing easy songs I liked and soon I was practicing on my keyboard hours a day. As the months went by, I improved my playing skills more and more, using the internet as a source of music theory. Playing, composing and listening music have become very important to me

Recently Paul Copeland and I published 7 classic piano rags in the shape of a sheet music book and a CD. It can be bought from www.lulu.com/yvanspijk (Dutch versions) and www.lulu.com/pianoedition (English versions). Here on SibeliusMusic.com, you can view a demo rag.

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