For: Solo instrument (Piano)
page one of MPJPM-1-12

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Year of composition
Difficult (Grades 7+)
5 minutes
Jazz music
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For piano/ The score is generated from real time performance/recording, minus sustain information.I edited the score slightly, and to no avail. Spots do not match CD perfectly. MP3 is from actual CD "America’s Rags to Riches-MICHAEL Plays JOPLIN Plays MICHAEL" Copyright © XtraSolar Publishing/Productions LLC 2010 All Rights reserved / SOCAN 2010

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C(U)-1, Joy To The World-(Variations For Keyboard By MICHAEL), C(X)-XIV, C(X)-XIII, C(S)-6, C(W)-31, C(W)-30, C(S)-5, C(V)-7, C(W)-28, C(W)-27, C(W)-26, C(S)-4, C(W)-25, C(S)-3, C(S)-2, C(S)-1, C(W)-23, C(V)-6, C(V)-5, C(W)-22, C(W)-20, C(W)-19, C(W)-17, SSV-4-SF-24, C(W)-16, C(W)-15, SSV-3-SS-60, C(W)-13, C(V)-4, C(W)-12, C(W)-11, C(W)-10, C(V)-3, C(W)-9, C(W)-8, C(V)-2, C(V)-1, C(W)-7, C(W)-6, C(W)-5, C(W)-4, C(W)-3, C(W)-2, SSV-4-SF-23, C(W)-1, SSV-5-SG-24, SSV-3-SS-55, SSV-3-SS-32, SSV-4-SF-79, SSV-2-RJ-42, SSV-2-RJ-43, SSV-4-SF-87, SSV-5-SG-77, SSV-1-H-18, SSV-3-SS-17, SSV-5-SG-97, SSV-5-SG-100, SSV-5-SG-99, SSV-5-SG-71, SSV-2-RJ-39, SSV-5-SG-94, SSV-5-SG-95, SSV-5-SG-84, SSV-2-RJ-23, SSV-5-SG-90, SSV-5-SG-91, SSV-2-RJ-26, SSV-3-SS-22, SSV-3-SS-66, SSV-5-SG-15, SSV-5-SG-73, SSV-5-SG-86, SSV-5-SG-76, SSV-5-SG-93, SSV-4-SF-30, SSV-5-SG-60, SSV-2-RJ-57, SSV-3-SS-48, SSV-5-SG-78, SSV-1-H-20, SSV-5-SG-81, SSV-5-SG-88, SSV-3-SS-44, SSV-5-SG-83, SSV-5-SG-38, SSV-2-RJ-46, SSV-5-SG-11, SSV-5-SG-53, SSV-5-SG-89, SSV-4-SF-13, SSV-1-H-36, SSV-5-SG-87, SSV-5-SG-68, SSV-2-RJ-24, SSV-5-SG-7, SSV-5-SG-69, SSV-5-SG-74, SSV-5-SG-82, SSV-3-SS-70, SSV-5-SG-64, SSV-5-SG-85, SSV-5-SG-49, SSV-4-SF-7, SSV-5-SG-56, SSV-5-SG-80, SSV-5-SG-1, SSV-5-SG-75, SSV-4-SF-39, SSV-3-SS-69, SSV-2-RJ-35, SSV-5-SG-52, SSV-4-SF-77, SSV-3-SS-58, SSV-5-SG-3, SSV-1-H-5, SSV-4-SF-71, SSV-4-SF-69, SSV-2-RJ-34, SSV-5-SG-61, SSV-5-SG-40, SSV-5-SG-17, SSV-3-SS-25, SSV-4-SF-36, SSV-3-SS-47, SSV-1-H-4, SSV-5-SG-13, SSV-4-SF-37, SSV-1-H-30, SSV-2-RJ-31, SSV-4-SF-29, SSV-5-SG-26, SSV-5-SG-50, SSV-4-SF-10, SSV-5-SG-46, SSV-5-SG-63, SSV-1-H-35, SSV-5-SG-67, SSV-5-SG-41, SSV-2-RJ-50, SSV-2-RJ-36, SSV-4-SF-3, SSV-5-SG-12, SSV-5-SG-43, SSV-4-SF-51, SSV-5-SG-44, SSV-4-SF-9, SSV-5-SG-10, SSV-5-SG-9, SSV-2-RJ-41, SSV-5-SG-59, SSV-2-RJ-54, SSV-1-H-12, SSV-4-SF-31, SSV-5-SG-8, SSV-5-SG-42, SSV-4-SF-11, SSV-5-SG-30, SSV-2-RJ-16, SSV-2-RJ-29, SSV-3-SS-71, SSV-5-SG-48, SSV-4-SF-4, SSV-4-SF-25, SSV-5-SG-37, SSV-5-SG-35, SSV-3-SS-29, SSV-4-SF-21, SSV-5-SG-45, SSV-4-SF-82, SSV-5-SG-6, SSV-3-SS-63, SSV-5-SG-32, SSV-2-RJ-44, SSV-5-SG-19, SSV-1-H-9, SSV-5-SG-34, SSV-4-SF-74, SSV-4-SF-62, SSV-5-SG-20, SSV-5-SG-39, SSV-4-SF-42, SSV-3-SS-9, SSV-4-SF-8, SSV-5-SG-5, SSV-3-SS-7, SSV-3-SS-46, SSV-2-RJ-12, SSV-5-SG-23, SSV-4-SF-57, SSV-1-H-11, SSV-4-SF-40, SSV-2-RJ-60, SSV-2-RJ-1, SSV-5-SG-4, SSV-2-RJ-52, SSV-1-H-27, SSV-4-SF-60, SSV-2-RJ-47, SSV-3-SS-36, SSV-1-H-15, SSV-1-H-7, SSV-5-SG-16, SSV-4-SF-44, SSV-5-SG-25, SSV-4-SF-16, SSV-1-H-37, SSV-4-SF-73, SSV-3-SS-41, SSV-4-SF-85, SSV-1-H-8, SSV-1-H-3, SSV-4-SF-49, SSV-1-H-22, SSV-4-SF-47, SSV-4-SF-54, SSV-3-SS-64, SSV-3-SS-12, SSV-4-SF-48, SSV-1-H-34, SSV-4-SF-89, SSV-5-SG-79, SSV-2-RJ-53, SSV-4-SF-43, SSV-4-SF-88, SSV-3-SS-1, SSV-5-SG-28, SSV-3-SS-31, SSV-4-SF-90, SSV-2-RJ-58, SSV-1-H-1, SSV-4-SF-78, SSV-4-SF-81, SSV-4-SF-68, SSV-4-SF-75, SSV-3-SS-5, SSV-4-SF-72, SSV-2-RJ-62, SSV-4-SF-67, SSV-4-SF-19, SSV-3-SS-8, SSV-4-SF-58, SSV-2-RJ-3, SSV-1-H-6, SSV-2-RJ-40, SSV-2-RJ-33, SSV-2-RJ-45, SSV-4-SF-28, SSV-4-SF-64, SSV-4-SF-84, SSV-3-SS-15, SSV-3-SS-4, SSV-4-SF-52, SSV-4-SF-45, SSV-4-SF-46, SSV-3-SS-39, SSV-3-SS-19, SSV-4-SF-65, SSV-4-SF-80, SSV-1-H-29, SSV-4-SF-70, SSV-2-RJ-14, SSV-3-SS-45, SSV-4-SF-56, SSV-4-SF-22, SSV-2-RJ-28, SSV-4-SF-50, SSV-4-SF-18, SSV-2-RJ-21, SSV-4-SF-14, SSV-4-SF-34, SSV-3-SS-21, SSV-4-SF-27, SSV-3-SS-68, SSV-3-SS-62, SSV-1-H-26, SSV-2-RJ-49, SSV-3-SS-10, SSV-3-SS-57, SSV-3-SS-26, SSV-3-SS-54, SSV-3-SS-59, SSV-4-SF-12, SSV-2-RJ-2, SSV-4-SF-6, SSV-4-SF-5, SSV-4-SF-2, SSV-3-SS-2, SSV-2-RJ-10, SSV-3-SS-51, SSV-3-SS-33, SSV-3-SS-34, SSV-3-SS-30, SSV-3-SS-27, SSV-2-RJ-38, SSV-1-H-17, SSV-3-SS-40, SSV-3-SS-53, SSV-3-SS-13, SSV-1-H-25, SSV-3-SS-61, SSV-1-H-14, SSV-3-SS-24, SSV-3-SS-6, SSV-1-H-32, SSV-1-H-13, SSV-1-H-28, SSV-2-RJ-9, SSV-2-RJ-11, SSV-1-H-24, SSV-1-H-10, SSV-2-RJ-59, SSV-2-RJ-37, SSV-1-H-2, CIII-66, CI-45, CI-44, CI-43, CI-42, CI-41, CI-40, CI-38, CI-37, CI-36, CI-35, CI-33, CI-32, CI-29, CI-28, CI-27, CI-26, CI-25, CI-22, CI-20, SSV-2-RJ-13, CI-19, CI-18, CI-17, CI-15, CI-13, CI-11, CI-9, CI-8, CI-7, CI-6, CI-5, CI-4, CI-3, CI-2, CI-1, CII-58, CII-57, CII-55, CII-54, CII-53, CII-52, CII-51, CII-50, CII-49, CII-48, SSV-1-H-33, CII-45, CII-42, CII-41, CII-40, CII-38, CII-37, CII-36, CII-35, CII-34, CII-32, CII-29, CII-28, CII-27, CII-25, CII-24, CI-24, CII-22, CII-21, CII-19, CII-18, CII-17, CII-16, CII-15, CII-13, CII-11, CII-10, CII-9, CII-8, CII-5, CII-4, SSV-2-RJ-22, CII-3, CII-2, CIII-69, CIII-65, CIII-64, CIII-63, CIII-62, CIII-61, CIII-59, CIII-58, CIII-56, CIII-54, CIII-53, CIII-51, CIII-50, CIII-49, CIII-48, CIII-47, CIII-45, CIII-43, CIII-42, CIII-41, CIII-40, CIII-39, CIII-38, CIII-37, CIII-35, CIII-34, CIII-32, CIII-31, CIII-30, CIII-28, CIII-27, CIII-26, CIII-25, CIII-24, CIII-23, CIII-22, CIII-19, CIII-18, CIII-17, CIII-16, CIII-15, CIII-14, CIII-12, CIII-11, CIII-10, CIII-9, CIII-8, CIII-6, CIII-5, CIII-4, CIII-3, CIII-2, CIII-1, C(Z)-20, C(Z)-18, C(Z)-17, C(Z)-16, C(Z)-15, C(Z)-14, C(Z)-13, C(Z)-12, C(Z)-10, C(Z)-9, C(Z)-7, C(Z)-4, C(Z)-2, C(Z)-1, C(X)-XI, C(X)-IX, C(X)-VIII, CIII-67, C(X)-VI, C(X)-V, C(X)-IV, C(X)-II, C(X)-I and C(X)-III

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